Zoho Projects teams up with Slack
Do you manage your teams using Slack and your projects using Zoho Projects? Bring them both together. Zoho Projects integrates with Slack, allowing you to see real-time project updates in your channel.

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Integrate with Slack

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Club Slack with Projects

Get notifications of your project activities as and when they happen. Map your project to a Slack channel and choose what you wish to be notified of.

Keep conversations in context

Zoho Projects gives you detailed insights into your projects, adding depth to your team conversations and keeping them relevant.

Perform actions with slash commands

Carry out project activities right from within Slack. Type in simple slash commands and let them do the job for you. Here's a quick example. If you're planning for a movie, this simple command in Slack will add a task for you in Zoho Projects.

/zprojects +t Book tickets ~Movie Nights
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