Zoho Projects for Google Apps

Bring Project Management and Collaboration Capabilities to Google Apps with Zoho Projects

Google Apps customers can now take advantage of Zoho Projects and its collaboration and project management benefits. Zoho Projects for Google Apps creates a rich, integrated experience for Google Apps users that includes single sign-on, integration with Google Docs and Google Calendar plus the ability to embed Zoho Projects information directly inside iGoogle, Gmail and Google Sites.

If you already have a Zoho Projects account, logging in with your Google Apps account will automatically merge your existing Zoho Projects account provided the e-mail id used in both Zoho Projects and Google Apps remains the same. Otherwise a new Zoho Projects account will be created for you.

Zoho Projects takes your Google Apps experience one step further

While customers enjoy the e-mail and calendaring functionality that Google Apps provides, they also recognize the need for a robust collaboration and project management solution. Zoho Projects complements the Google Apps experience by offering a dedicated team collaboration and project management solution that allows teams to plan, track and collaborate everything from everyday on-going activities to big projects with external customers.
Zoho Projects for Google Apps allows you to plan, track, collaborate and enjoy the benefits of Zoho Projects while at the same time having an integrated experience with your Google Apps account.

Zoho Projects for Google Apps includes:

Collaboration Project Planning Project Tracking
Project Stream Task lists & Tasks Project Reports
Stream of latest happenings in the project. Assign Tasks set priorities and do much more. Track and analyze your project reports.

Forum Discussions Task Dependency Time Tracking
Exchange information with colleagues. Comprehensive view of dependent task. Timesheet streamlines the performance of a project.

Document Sharing Project Milestones Integration with Zoho Invoice
Organize and manage your project documents Get clear picture of project deadlines. Create nice and elegant invoice with zoho invoice.
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How is Zoho Projects Integrated with Google Apps?

1. Single Sign-on with Google Apps :
Customers can now login to Zoho Projects with the same username and password they use for Google Apps. There is no need to keep track of a separate account for Zoho Projects.

2. Upload documents from Google Docs :
Apart from attaching documents from Zoho Docs or from your personal desktop now you can easily upload your Google Docs documents to your project in Zoho Projects. This way your documents stored in Google Docs can be shared with all the members in your project.

To upload your documents from Google Docs :
  • Go to Documents Tab and click on Upload New File
  • In this select "Browse using Google Docs"
  • Provide your Google login credentials to access documents from Google Docs
  • Now select the required files and upload them in Zoho Projects.

That's it. Your files will get uploaded here and start collaborating using Zoho Projects.

Browse using Google Docs

3. View your project milestones in Google Calendar :
Keep track of your project milestones, tasks and meetings from your Zoho Projects appear automatically on your Google Calendar.

To Embed project events in Google Calendar :
  • Copy ical/ gcal link of "My Work Calendar" present in Zoho Projects Home
  • Load this ical / gcal in your Google Calendar
  • Now Go to Google Sites page
  • In this select and insert your uploaded calendar.

It's simple. Your project events will now show up in Google Calendar.

4. Embed Zoho Project gadgets inside iGoogle, Gmail and Google Sites :
You can get your project stream of latest activities inside iGoogle, Gmail or Google Sites page by embedding the Zoho Projects gadget.

a. Embed Zoho Projects gadget in iGoogle

  • Go to iGoogle select Add Gadgets
  • Search for Zoho Projects.
  • Click on Add Gadget and this will embed gadget in iGoogle page

Embed Zoho Projects in iGoogle

b. Embed Zoho Projects gadget in Gmail

Access gadgets.zoho.com and click on OpenSocial link.
  • Click on Get XML and this will pop-up a dialog box
  • Copy the link and access your Gmail account
  • In this click on Add Labs and enable Add Gadgets URL
  • Now click on Add Labs again and put the link in Add Gadgets dialog box
That's all your project activities gadget will get listed in your Gmail.

Embed Zoho Projects in Gmail

c. Of Course in Google Sites

Embed Zoho Projects gadget in Google Sites

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